Our mission is to equip workshop participants with meaningful skills and knowledge that increase their ability to provide ethical and safe interventions.


We value

  • Safety as a non-negotiable expectation
  • Customer feedback and requests, we listen
  • Excellence and Quality through evaluation, review and continuous improvement
  • Integrity through transparency, trust, honesty, and respect

The Canadian Institute for Crisis Intervention Training was created by Bruce Armson with the intent of offering Crisis Intervention Training to human service personnel and educators who work with disruptive and potentially aggressive individuals. Bruce has a Master’s Degree in Leadership as well as a Diploma in Child and Youth Care, he is trained in Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Negotiation. He has over 30 years’ experience working with youth in a variety of settings. For over 15 years he worked with some of the most difficult and aggressive adolescents from Alberta, the NWT, and the Yukon. Bruce has experience in Long Term Residential Treatment both as a Child and Youth Care Counsellor and as the Director of a 63-bed treatment centre. He has worked in a Psychiatric Treatment Centre, Group Homes, and Community Based Programs as well as School settings. In addition Bruce and his wife were Treatment Foster Care Parents for 15 years.

Bruce has over 30 years training in the Martial Arts and is a Hung Gar Kung-Fu and Kempo Karate instructor. He has being teaching Martial Arts and Self-Defense courses since 1980. Through the Martial Arts training he has developed a high level of knowledge in body mechanics and physical interventions. This knowledge has been incorporated into the Crisis Intervention training program to provide safe and painless interventions and control techniques.




Bill Killinger Chief Instructor, has over a decade of experience in the child and youth care field; having worked in Residential Treatment, Intensive Treatment and School settings. He holds Addiction Counseling Certificates through the Nechi Institute and is a certified Instructor Trainer for Physical Management through ISR Matrix. To complement his education and experience Bill also has extensive experience in martial arts including boxing, wrestling and Jiu-jitsu; teaching seminars to civilians, military and law enforcement in the United States and Iceland. Bill currently works as a Disability Manager and has instructed Crisis Intervention and Non-abusive Restraint since 2002.

Maria Montgomery, is the Professional Development Coordinator for MPowr Community and Organizational Supports, and Unlimited Potential Community Services (UPCS) Maria's experience includes 20 years within the Human Services Sector, working with vulnerable children, youth and families in Crisis Intervention, Youth Work, Family Stabilization and Reunification, Community Development, Elementary School Therapeutic Supports, Collaborative Service Delivery, Foster and Kinship Care and Parenting Programs. Maria's educational background is in Psychology and she possesses a wealth of experience in adult education and Trauma Informed Practice, holding instructor certifications with the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation as a First Aid Instructor, Foundations of Caregiver Training, Triple P Positive Parenting, Suicide and Self Harm Intervention, Crisis Intervention, 3 Pillars Training and Kids Have Stress Too.