Industries that benefit

Child/Youth Care – Child & Youth Care Workers, Foster Parents, Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Day Care & After School Care Workers.

Rehabilitation – Practitioners, Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Education– Teachers, Teacher Aides, Counsellors, Principles.

Health Care – Nurses, Aides, Mental Health Workers, Personal Attendants, Home Care Workers.

Security – Security Personnel, Correction Officers, Probation Officers.

Transportation – School Bus Drivers, Transit & Taxi Drivers, Disabled Transportation Providers.

Human Services – Any employees who deal with volatile clientele.


benefits that follow

Creates a safe environment for staff and clients.
Reduces the risk of injury to clients.
Decreases the potential risk of liability and litigation resulting from injury.
Increases staff’s ability to recognize and deal with crisis situations.
Teaches staff to act rather than react in a potentially violent situation.
Provides staff with safe interventions for high-risk behaviours.


Benefits to you

Increased confidence
Specific training preparing you for crisis.
Knowledge of non-abusive techniques in a volatile situation.